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This area of the site is dedicated to technical issues concerning cleaning techniques and related arguments, examples of specific applications and case histories.

The basic themes to better individuate the argument of interest are:


Cleaning processes

Information on specific applications can help to solve cleaning problems or to orientate toward the correct solution.

Also, an argument of growing importance: the inprocess treatment of cleaning liquids.


Machines and products

specific applications, performances or characteristics of machines and equipment normally not included in catalogues and brochures, new products or applications


Quality -  news from ISO - International Standard Org.

Quality of cleanliness and methods for verifications according to ISO-Standards
ISO 18413 - cleanliness of hydraulic components
ISO 16232 - cleanliness of components of road vehicles


Safety -  news from CEN - European Committee for Standard.

EN 12921.1 - Safety of machines for cleaning and pretreatment of industrial items

EN 12921.2 - machines using aqueous liquids

EN 12921.3 - machines using flammable liquids

EN 12921.4 - machines using halogenated solvents