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HOW CLEAN IS CLEAN ?  the old question is now becoming always more important and the industry is feeling the necessity of reliable methods to determine and test the level of cleanliness. For more information contact:
CLEAN-BAY - is the most advanced response to the needs of the industry for verification of cleanliness, even out of the laboratory in production process with tests carried out by process people. It is the result of three years of R&D in parallel to the participation to the Working Groups of ISO developing the argument.

from ISO - International Standard Organization

ISO CD16232 - Road vehicles - prepared by the automotive industry for the verification of cleanliness of components of fluid circuits, the Standard has been submitted to formal vote. It is divided by 10 parts covering all phases of the verification of cleanliness, from the extraction to the analysis of contaminants. For more information on the arguments covered by this Standard click:

ISO CD16232 parts 1-10 - index of arguments

November 2004

ISO 18413 - cleanliness of parts and components of hydraulic systems -

This important standard developed by the ISO TC 131 Working Group is now published and available from ISO national bodies. For more information click on:

ISO 18413 - index of arguments

November 2004

Assigned the identifying number to the ISO standard to control the cleanliness of automotive parts. The new standard ISO CD16232, for verification of contaminants in automotive parts have been discussed at the plenary meeting held in Madrid the 3-4 December with the presence of delegates from the world automotive industry. Still a long way to the end, due to the diverging positions concerning the use of ultrasounds and the liquids to fit.

December 2003

Work in progress at ISO TC22 Working Group SC5 to develop the new ISO Standard for the verification of cleanliness in the Automotive Industry. The new standard is developed by experts of Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Bosch, Delphi Diesel, Siemens, Mahle, IVECO and PASSAPONTI

March 2003

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