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Safety is not an optional

Passaponti, as responsible of the working group of CEN for washing machines, is proud to inform that Safety is not an optional anymore.

European Standards for safety of cleaning machines have been published and are applicable to all machines to be sold with the European Union.

For CE marking washing machines shall comply with the safety requirements of the harmonized EUROPEAN Standards here below listed. Standards belong to the CEN and cannot be published. They are available from the National Bodies.

Anyway, clicking on the title of the standard here below you can access to the index of the arguments covered by each standards.

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from the CEN  - European Committee for Standardization

EN 12921.1 - Safety of machines for cleaning and pretreatment of industrial items
EN 12921.2 - machines using aqueous liquids
EN 12921.3 - machines using flammable liquids
EN 12921.4 - machines using halogenated solvents
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