top loading spray washer with rotating table

The ROTO-JET® washers are designed for the spray cleaning of small and medium size parts using water-based detergents at medium temperature. The operating principle is based on a load platform that rotates through the spray bars with nozzles covering all surfaces to be cleaned.

They are commonly used in the production cycles of the mechanical industry, close to the machine tool, but also during overhauling or maintenance processes for the fast removal of various contaminants such as oils, grease, mud.

An original design, along with their characteristics of high reliability make the ROTO-JET® washers easy-to-use, and different from other machines based on the same operating principle.

The limited content of cleaning liquid allows a short heating-up time and an easy replacement of the detergent. The self adjusting rotation speed of the platform, double filters, maintenance free sealed hub, ergonomic design making easier the load and unload operations, are only some of the many peculiarities of this washer.

Made from robust sheet metal, the ROTO-JET® washers are equipped with electric heating with insulation to reduce heath losses and the installed power. The temperature, controlled by thermostat, can be set from the control panel. For long life and reduced maintenance, electric heaters have a heath flux limited to 7 w/cm2. A drain outlet allows a rapid change of the liquid.

The platform, of robust construction, is equipped with a removable grate or basket and an automatic brake to stop the platform when opening the cover.

The cover is balanced by two gas springs with shock absorbers and equipped with a safety interlock and cutout  of the pump when open. The wash cycle is controlled by timer on the control panel.

The spray system is composed by the centrifugal pump and three spray headers with flat pattern calibrated nozzles. The system is designed and constructed with large diameter tubes to keep the velocity within 3 m/sec to maximize performances and to reduce power losses.

The electric box, of exclusive design with IP55 protection and all electric equipment meet the requirements of the automotive industry, with superior characteristics as normally used for this type of machines.

The ROTO-JET® washers are produced in three models with platforms of mm. 600, 800 or 950, and can be also equipped with a wide range of accessories such as the oil separator OILNET®, bag or cartridge type filtration systems, automatic filling and more.