filtration for precision cleaning


The filtration system is always very important for an industrial washer because it protects the system, reduces the maintenance and can affect the cleaning result and the operating costs, therefore its design and configuration require the maximum care.

The configuration can look as simple, even banal, but the negative effects generated by a wrong configuration are well known to everybody with knowledge of the "mechanic of fluids" or involved in the hydraulic field.

A hydraulic circuit such as a spray system can be effective and efficient is properly designed, but it can be negatively influenced by a filtration system not dimensioned or configured in the proper way.


Precision filtration systems MICRONET® have micro metric accuracy, are dimensioned and configured for to the specific application, reduce both the investment and operating costs with the maximum of efficiency and reliability. Duration of elements, bag or cartridge, and the save of energy is optimized not influencing the hydraulic system.

Filter vessels are made from AISI 316 SS by world leaders in the field, offering all the necessary characteristics and features for quality and safety. The vessel and the filtration element are selected according the liquid and the cleanliness requirements.
Filtration systems are equipped with safety devices and facilities to detect the differential pressure with alarm to the operator.

MICRONET® TWIN systems have double filter and bypass to divert the flow from one to the other without stopping the machine to clean the dirty filter.


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